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Early History of Wake Forest College Subject Guide

One of Special Collections and Archives’ present targets is to boost transparency within selections, including transparency within the history of the university. Previously couple of years, there has been an elevated desire for the early several years of Wake Forest, such as the using enslaved individuals to construct the initial university as well as the buying of enslaved individuals by Wake Forest creators and professors.

In order to highlight products that have documentation regarding enslaved individuals, I developed a topic guide entitled “Early History of Wake Forest College, 1830-1899.” Not absolutely all products in this guide talk about enslavement or enslaved individuals, but we thought it was crucial that you offer historical context with as much resources from this time period as you are able to

As well as generating the subject guide, we now have returned to the listed finding helps to improve language and reprocess products as needed. Not only will this assistance searchability for patrons, but it will help researchers and instructors in making use of appropriate language when speaking about excessively sensitive materials. We’ve also included a statement on our site for delicate materials.

Learning more info on Wake Forest’s history isn’t only necessary for students, professors, and staff, but also toward community in general. Kindly email us at which will make a scheduled appointment to see products within reading room. Our company is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.